Seven tutorials for product photography

Most photographers know the fundamentals to shooting good products photos. But if you want to shoot unique, appealing products photographs, you need more than fundamentals; you need always to break some rules.

Well if you don’t want to think outside the box, you can stick to shoot your good product photos, but if you are ready to shoot unique product photographs, read on.

In this post, I would give you seven tips for shooting unique product photos.

  1. Shoot from strange angles. As I said, you need to break the rules. Typically, photographers place the camera at the same level as the product so the shot would come out at eye-level. You can make a change by shooting the product from above or underneath. However, you have to be careful when shooting from strange angles because it can deform a product.

  1. Hang products. Hanging product is a popular practice for photographers, but creative hanging is not. To shoot a unique product is creative hanging is what you should do. Try hanging the product sideways, upside down or in an unusual position. The idea is to be creative – take a lot of photos and make sure your lighting is perfect.
  1. Show the product in odd use. Be creative; think of what the product can be used for. You would come up with different ideas, choose one idea that works and would help you shoot a unique a product photo. You might need some editing or costume design to back up your idea.
  1. Manipulate the photos. Product photo manipulation is essential if you want to create a catchy, unique product photograph. If you don’t have any skill with photo manipulation, you need to get a graphic design artist to help with that.
  1. Use unique stands. Think outside the box- forget the normal stands and go for items that are not used as stands. You can use geometric shapes, an old book or another product; no matter what you use as stands, make it creative and unique.
  1. Use an attention-grabbing background. Most photographers use a plain background for their product photographs, but you can make a change. Getting a unique background would give life to the product and would improve how needed a product is.
  1. Keep your background in focus. An attention-grabbing background can keep the eye away from the main product, so you want your background in focus, and how do you do that? Keeping the product a little in front but keeping your background clear can keep your background in focus.